Calvary Chapel Tambov – Winter 2017

Hello again to our dear family and friends from the Curran family in Tambov, Russia…. Ray, Rebecca, Ray Jr., and Bobby.  We continue to serve the Lord and the Russian people here… and the Lord continues to bless and use our labors for His glory.   We thank you very much too for being a part of this church planting ministry in this land of desperate spiritual need.
From time to time, we remind you of the regular ministries we do here throughout the week.  There’s the regular worship services and Bible studies on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening at the church hall that we rent.  Ray teaches the adults at those.  Rebecca teaches the children in Sunday School.   It’s an incredible feeling to see the look in people’s eyes as the Holy Spirit impresses the Word of God on their hearts.
Ray teaching at a Sunday morning service    
Rebecca teaching Sunday School (The song is “Silent Night”)


Rebecca, a former school teacher and ESL instructor, has put together hundreds of texts of Bible stories in simple English.  She uses a flannel graph to teach them to Russians on Monday evenings.  For many, it’s actually the first time they’ve ever heard these stories from the Bible in any language!  They’re often amazed.  The Holy Spirit is always at work on people’s hearts through all this.  Some have come to church through this.


Rebecca has always played the guitar, of course.  But what is more, she has the unique patience and knack to effectively and quickly teach it to others. Many Russians desire to learn to play the guitar… so they come to our class on Friday evenings.  The only music songs we use in teaching are our church worship songs…. so many people are learning about God through the songs they are taught to play and sing.  Some have come to the church as well through this ministry.


There’s only two of our four children now living with us in Russia. And one of them, Ray Jr., will be graduating from a Russian high school in June and he plans to then move to southern California to attend college.  Our two older children are already living there. Dara is working as an electrical technician at a leading high tech manufacturing plant… and what’s most important… he’s really doing well in the Lord there.  Elizabeth graduated from Biola University last May… and in June, she married a wonderful Christian young man named Anthony Rinaldi that she met there.  Elizabeth has been accepted into medical school and she will begin in the Fall to study to become a doctor.
Curran family, including grandparents, at the wedding of Elizabeth and Anthony in California…June 26, 2016
As parents, the increasing separation from our children as they become adults and live in another part of the world has been one of the hardest things for us to deal with. Please pray for us in this regard.  What comforts us is the fact that the Lord has really blessed our children and we think that it has been a very beneficial experience for them to grow up in Russia.
Finally, thank you for sharing this brief moment of time with us.  In your prayers, please remember the Russian people that this ministry serves. Thank you very much for your generous support.  May God bless you.
With much love in Christ,

Ray & Rebecca Curran

U.S. financial support address:
(please indicate it’s for the Currans):

Calvary Missions International — Currans
6550 S.E.  Alexander St.
Hillsboro, OR  97123  

 phone:  (503) 642-2003
Russian home address:
392000, Russia
189 Proletarskaya St.,  apt. 29

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