Strength Comes From God

Strength comes from God through the prayers of our team at home! Thank you for surrounding us with your gifts, love, prayers, and encouragement through financial support. God is working in us and the people of Japan – you are a vital part of His work.     

Our lives are about to get VERY busy!

Steve begins language classes tomorrow (8/24) at Seinan Gakuin University. He will have (4) 1-1/2 hour classes meeting Monday through Thursday.

Pray we will build relationships with Steve’s classmates and document the process of language learning for those yet to come.

We also will be students in KMC classes beginning 9/3, twice a week for 1-1/2 hrs each. Emma is developing curriculum for a KMC class she will teach beginning in December on the History of Christianity in Japan.

Fukuoka City is a great place to live!

Adding team meetings, church, and gym workouts rounds out the schedule. Please pray for us, for stamina and focus in these busy days.

The Momochi Symphony Church family pictured above is our new church home here. Our neighborhood has a post office, grocery store, and gym all less than 10 minute walk from our door! Seinan is a 30 minute walk. Our doctors are only a 10 minute drive. We look forward to discovering many wonderful places and people. Last month we visited our neighbors in the apartment buildings, giving a small gift to the ones that answered the door. We also left a few in the mail slot! Pray we will make good connections with neighbors, people at the gym, and with Steve’s classmates. We are also only about a 30 minute walk from 3 of our teammates!

Our wedding anniversary (44 years!) was 8/14.
We celebrated by attending a baseball game!

The Fukuoka Hawks are one of the best teams in Japan, and they won! The stadium was FULL of excited, noisy fans! In the 7th inning stretch the fans blow up long yellow balloons, sing the team song, then let go of the balloons – what a sight! We also visited the Oh Sadaharu Museum at the stadium. Who’s that? He is the Japanese player that broke Babe Ruth’s all-time home run record! The other celebration was cooking a meal together of steak, potato and vegetable – fun and delicious. Pray for God’s protection over our relationship with the stress of busier lives.

We spent time downtown visiting the Peace Memorial. The Murray family (Scott and Susan, and daughters Taylor, Sydney, Alyssa, Madison and Morgan) was very welcoming. We also had a series of planning discussions about our roles in the Kyushu Ministry Center once we go through the training ourselves. Pray with us for financial support and a prayer team dedicated to the KMC. This will be the place for new missionaries to be trained and prepared to join Pioneers Church-Planting teams all over Japan.

In late July, we took a trip to Hiroshima to visit our Pioneers Area Team leaders.

Please pray with us for the following.

1. Being focused on what God wants us to do and be, not just the urgent or immediate in front of us.
2. A proper level of involvement at Momochi Symphony Church and relationship with Pastors Gonzalez.
3. A proper emphasis on physical exercise, as well as spiritual exercise.
4. Reaching out to neighbors and classmates to build relationships.
5. Protecting our marriage relationship from the stress of these busy days.
6. Diligence for Steve and his language training, documenting the process for those to benefit come after us.
7. Diligence for Emma as she develops the ‘History of Christianity in Japan’ KMC curriculum.
8. Diligence for both Emma & Steve in KMC class work training.
9. Wisdom and understanding of the proper role for KMC and how to apply that for new missionaries coming to the field.


Steve & Emma Franklin



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