Children Are Gifts From The Lord

“You shall not make for yourselves idols, nor you set up for yourselves an image or a sacred pillar, nor shall you place a figured stone in your land to bow down to it ; for I am the LORD your God. You shall keep my Sabbaths and reverence My sanctuary; I am the LORD.” Lev 26:1-2

To God be all the glory, power and love forever. Dearest parents, praying friends and families, this is yet another great moment we come to you with thanksgiving to God for you all and saying thanks so much for the continued love, prayers and supports we keep receiving from you.

Raphael Maombi Update 9/16/2015

Pastor Raphael teaching God’s Word.

Through the overwhelming sacrificial supports from you, His saints, we are able to be a blessing to many that are in need and vulnerable in the church and community.

I have always and will keep on blessing the Lord for the gift of a good wife, who has steadfastly stood by and with me in all the varying states of life in ministry. She would never stop encouraging in lifting up my spirit even when the roughness of the road seems to affect the whole family.

Solace Sharon Makoti is now one and a half years old; she is growing up strong, beautifully and so intelligent, most of time now we don’t remember she was born premature. At this her age, she can select gospel channels, cartoon networks and her favorite shows, sit down and watch by herself. If her milk bottle was placed on a higher shelve, she will go grab a crate and stand on it to reach her milk bottle.

She will not go to bed without singing a song and praying. She says “daddy, daddy, pray” every night at 3 am. She knows that is the time I always wake up for my morning devotion. She is such a great joy and inspiration to the family.

Raphael Maombi Update 9/16/2015

Little Sharon!

We have noted, she is allergic to some processed food, though we are not yet aware of which type of food. Once she eats it her skin begins to blister. Pray with us that God will take away the allergy.

This day is the first day of the Spring season, due to this weather change, we are all having high fever and flu. Pray that God will see us through.

About Our Ministry

We had a wonderful children dedication service during the last two Sundays. Parents brought their new born children to be blessed. It was a great moment of joy and love. As we set prayers of dedication, all seven children cried at once, it sounded as if we were in a pediatric clinic. God is so good!

For the month of October we are preparing to have baptism. We are taking all of September to train them on Christian foundation classes so that they may understand how to lead a Christian life and desire to love God’s Word.

Baby Dedication

We are also planning to officiate two weddings on the 20th September. It is really exciting and encouraging to the brethren and the youth to witness these couples getting joined in the holy state of marriage in a country where a big number of couples live together. Divorce is the common sin of the day in this world. May God help us!

I grew up enjoying to play bass guitar in the church. I don’t have the time to practice like I used to, but whenever I get my fingers on the bass it just flows out as if I am breathing.

My wife was blessing the children in prayer as they set for the Sunday school and God is increasing the fellowship at His pace. We trust God for a bigger and somehow permanent worship facility.

Allow me end this update by again expressing our deepest gratitude for the much you have sacrificially been consistent in standing with us. We are indeed getting this far because of your endless supports to us. We are thus far because you have allowed God to use you in this way; we say thank you so much.

You are always in our daily prayers and you have great space in our hearts and ministry. May the Lord bless and keep you strong for us, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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