Ray Curran – Standing By Faith In Russia

Hello again to our dear family and friends from the Curran family in Tambov, Russia….Ray, Rebecca, Dara, Ray Jr., and Bobby.

The Curran Family

We continue to serve the Lord here and the Russian people, pastoring this church in the city of Tambov.  It’s been many years of adventures and challenges, many miracles of salvation and provision, and a stretching and growing of our faith.  We thank you all very much as for your valuable and faithful part in supporting and praying for us for many years.

As you all know from witnessing world events for the past year, the relationship between Russia and the United States has deteriorated dramatically, to a point not seen since the height of the Cold War.  This has been a very sad thing for us to witness.   And not just politically, but Russia is currently suffering greatly economically.  All of the dramatic changes have made it more difficult for all evangelical churches in Russia.

But we know that our Lord’s work is not deterred by changes in the political world.  In fact, it appears from a reading of Scripture that our Lord loves to do His work when man’s abilities and resources are weakest, so that God will get all of the glory.

With such difficulties and changes, people sometimes ask me why I’m still in Russia. My answer is the same one I gave to people when I first came to pastor in Russia almost 21 years ago.  Simply, I believed God called me to plant and pastor Calvary Chapels here.  And God has performed so many miracles in our lives and in this ministry over the years to confirm that calling.    When it comes down to it, that’s all I’ve got to go on.   His calling…and His confirmation of that calling.

Some Russian Calvary Chapel Pastors in Moscow

I’m also heartened by the attitudes of my fellow pastors within the Russian Calvary Chapel National Church Association. I was recently at a meeting with some of them in Moscow and I was so encouraged by their strong faith and sense of calling on their lives, despite the difficult changing circumstances for many of them.

Ray Teaching the church in Tambov

Our church here in Tambov continues on with many ministries and meeting times throughout the week.  There’s the twice weekly worship service and Bible study, the weekly evangelistic English class, and a weekly evangelistic guitar class.   We continue to see new people coming to these services.  Once in a while, we see the miracle of the Lord touching someone’s heart, their response

Rebecca teaching children in Sunday School

to him, and a miracle of salvation occurring.

Finally, we thank you for sharing this brief moment of time with us.  Please remember this ministry

in your prayers.  Thank you for all you do for us.  May God bless you.

With much love in Christ,

Ray & Rebecca Curran

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