Pressed In On Every Side But Not Crushed

It is absolutely the right to start this year by wishing all our blessed and precious praying friends and families a “Happy New Year”, covered with grace and filled with great breakthroughs. Thank you so much again for allowing God to use you, being strong pillars that continually sustain our living and ministry.

As family, we have come again to that time where we would like to let you how sincerely how important and ever coveted are your prayer to us. We are pressing on well by His grace, holding onto the faith with confidence, running the race with endurance and perseverance, looking unto Jesus our hope that will never disappoint us.

Raphael’s family

Our kids are growing big and beautifully in God’s love and grace. Their school performance for the past academic year was outstanding, except Judith could not be promoted to grade 10. She is now turning 16, we thought it wise for her to repeat grade 9. Favor is turning 13 soon; she performed well and was promoted to grade 6 this year; their only brother Danvick was promoted to grade 5 this year, he is turning 11; Mercy will be turning 9 and she was promoted to grade 3. And last but not least, Solace will be turning 2 on April 19th; she is developing very well and showing strong abilities.

Tight living conditions

We are increasingly concerned about our housing conditions. We are badly affected by this situation that morally our kids are now turning into teenagers. As parents seeing them compressed and squeezed sleeping together into this thin space, it is really a cause of pain, frustrations and stress. Health wise it is a hazard, badly affecting their learning for we are not able to provide them with a suitable space and proper study environment. My wife is permanently on high blood pressure drugs due to so much stress. Many things have been going around my mind, thinking what I should do to heal this situation; all that my mind tells me is not in the favor of the young ministry we started here. Pray with us please, in that we will not follow the voice of our minds but the Lord’s.

On January 21st 2015, schools will be opened for this new academic year. We are praying for God to provide school books, uniforms and fees for our children and the orphans we support in the church. It is indeed a great challenging season of the year, but I know one thing; “Peace and righteousness will be my leader.” Isaiah 60:15-18.

About the Ministry

We ended last year seeing lives saved, building hope and trust in Christ. Recently, I was called by the police to the rescue of this woman and her three kids from her abusive husband. Neighbors thought it was the normal screaming for help from this lady in the house shortly after midnight when her husband came home. As her screaming voice began to fade as one being strangled, they rushed to call the police who urgently responded, forcefully trying to get in by breaking the iron burglar gate to no avail.

The man inside told the police; “I will only stop killing her if you could call Pastor Maombi to be here then I will open this door”. From inside he spelled my cell number to police, who then urgently fetched me to the scene. The man opened the door to allow us in and this woman was laying down unconscious, her mouth foaming. The man was very strange to me. As he was handcuffed he said to me; “Pastor I know you don’t know me but I know you and people talk good about you and your heart. I thought you are the only one who can take care of my kids and help my wife. Please, I am sorry.” I looked at him and I can’t tell where this smile came from. I said, “God forgive you for all this and know that Jesus loves you.” He was led away in the police van and I took the lady to the clinic for treatment. We are now taking care of her and kids in a safer place.

The Church is growing in God’s Word and in number. We are blessing new born babies, lives are being transformed,and souls are turning to the Lord for salvation. We are trusting God for a bigger meeting facility to accommodate the growth.

Pray with us, as the church is preparing to celebrate her 3rd anniversary and set to consecrate the leaders to serve in various capacities in the work of ministry. I need God’s wisdom, direction and guidance to get men after his own heart, obedient to the calling and focused in standing with the vision that leads us to

Baby dedications

fulfill God’s purpose.

With your continued prayer and support we believe this; “The smallest family will multiply into a large clan. The tiniest group will become a mighty nation. I, the Lord, will bring it all to pass at the right time.” (Isaiah 60:22).

Pastor Raphael Maombi

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