The Tobey’s – God’s Answering Prayers In Reaching Students For Christ

Happy New Year!

Thank you for praying for the week of “winter camp” that the 9 + 4 of us went to with our international friends.  In addition to the 60 some of us, there were groups there from as far away as St. Louis.  God answered many requests for deeper relationships and interested seekers.

God didn’t answer our request for snow, or at least His answer was “no.”  Instead of snow shoeing and cross country skiing, we had hikes and such.  It was definitely cold enough, and windy enough.  A tree blew down and knocked out power for a couple of hours.   But they had a generator and we were having a good time helping cook for the International Dinner.  There was no fussing or worrying or anything!

It was a great mix of activities and recreation, and messages and discussions.  A lot of trust and honesty and relationship grew.  At the last discussion group, one of the ladies in our group asked “how do I give that (sin and shame) to God?”  Great discussion!  Then the last message reinforced how to receive Jesus, and we were even led in a prayer.  You know what to pray about that!

Pray as we follow up with the students.  This Saturday we have invited all the House Partiers to our house for a pot luck and game night.  There are several other fun activities planned, and we are also inviting them to a Dinner and Bible Discussion on Wednesday nights, and English as a Second Language sessions on Thursday night.  Pray they will continue to look into life in Jesus.

Thank you for your ministry to these students and to all of us who are seeking to connect them to God through His Word, both written and incarnate.

In His Warm Embrace,


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